Induction pluck-shun, what’s your function?

If the baby doesn’t fall out today (Friday), we’re going in for an induction tomorrow morning. Kate is already dilated 4+ cm and has been for over a week. She’s also 90% effaced and counting. Finally, not to ruin anyone’s betting pool, but it’s a gonna be a big ‘un… well over 8 lbs.

By the way, to us six months ago all of this baby jargon was…well, jargon. Apparently it means something to the parents of the world, so I took the risk of being esoteric for one post to fill everyone in on a technical basis. But come on, do we really need to know what George Clooney is saying to enjoy an episode of ER? And did I really need to reveal that I haven’t watched a medical TV show since the 90’s?

Well, I suppose I should put the blog down and go stock up on food for the week. Maybe skip work and say a final good-bye to the uninterrupted mid-day nap. Or take pictures of my face prior to the dark eye circles setting in. Lots to do, lots to do.


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