The Newlymoms

Oh, not that… not yet.  But here’s a little game we played at our baby party (it’s hard to call a co-ed gathering at a bar a “shower”), in addition to Heritage Jeopardy and Price is Right.  We called it the Newlymoms and sat on stools with our answer cards as our friend channeled the spirit of the great Bob Eubanks.

The Newlymoms Game

 1. My first thought when I learned we were pregnant was:

K: “We finally read the ovulation stick correctly!”

C: “What are we going to do with the rest of the ovulation tests?”

2. My biggest worry for the first three months is:

K: Will I be able to tell what she wants/needs?

C: That I’ll be caught in public without an extra diaper for the baby

3. My favorite thing about pregnancy up to this point has been:

K: Feeling the baby move

C: Getting a head start on teaching life lessons

4. I would be crushed if our child:

K: Was not willing to try new things

C: Was allergic to animals

5. If I had to pick a celebrity donor for the baby, it would be:

K: Justin Timberlake

C: Warren Buffet

6. I hope our girl becomes a:

K: Well rounded, independent thinking individual

C: Productive member of society

7. One thing I did as a kid that I hope our child doesn’t repeat is:

K: Opted out of piano lessons when offered

C: Find out the truth about Santa Claus by snooping for presents

8. I am horrified our child will ask me to teach her:

K: How to dance or sing

C: How to do her makeup

9. One thing I will never, ever buy my daughter is:

K: Anything featuring Elmo or Sponge Bob

C: A pet spider

10. I hope my child learns the value of:

K: Education

C: Generosity

11. My first word as a child was:

K: Not on record

C: “No”

12. I would love to expose my child to the music of:

K: Her various heritages

C: Boys II Men

13. I would not be disappointed if my child grew up to be:

K: a professional athlete

C: a nun


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