A call to arms

Seven years ago when Kate and I first met, we didn’t see a child in our future.  Then, everything just sort of clicked together like a fine (and sensibly priced) piece of Ikea furniture… Finances, click. Emotional maturity, click. Other friends having babies = advice and hand-me-downs, click.  Social change, click.

Wait– social change?  What did that have to do with having a baby?  Well, back when we first met, there were only a small handful of celebrities who had come out as gay, and our own blue state (Oregon) voted against same-sex marriages, forever writing into its constitution discriminatory verbiage and a hierarchy of love and rights that go with said love.

Fast forward to today and we are privy to momentous waves of political change (though not quite yet in Oregon), anti-bullying policies in schools and workplaces, the “It Gets Better” project, a Pope who thinks there are more important issues in the world, and the list goes on.

There is now actual hope that our child will be picked on for wearing glasses or having a funny haircut (I’ll go ahead and take the future blame for that) rather than getting bullied for having two moms.  If today’s progress portends anything, I feel that it is a bright future in which yes, Google will be engineering our “food” and Teleportation will be the most popular college major, but also when who you love just doesn’t matter.  Unless, Future Teenage Daughter, that person is a slimy punk whose idea of a great date is making out in the back of a hover-car.  Then we might have a problem.

This week I found a great reminder that though humans may not always see eye to eye, we are still… humans.


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