It’s worse than Christmas Eve

Mostly because we don’t know when Santa Stork will come!  We are very excited for our baby girl to arrive.  Yep, that makes three of us under one roof.  Plus another female yorkie and a poor, lone male corgi.  No wonder he’s neurotic, but that makes for another blog.

About nine months ago, our third artificial insemination (said with a robot voice) finally took and we were blessed with what I thought, from the ultrasound, were twins.  Turns out it was a jelly bean and its amniotic sac.  My first in a series of rookie blunders… hence the blog.  Mostly to still be able to tell the world about the baby girl without being on the Book of Faces, but also for a little humor in the form of Charlie Chaplin-esque pathos.

Oh yes, and to explain the tagline of this blog: we are very much looking forward to college scholarships in 2032 when we get to parade a multi-ethnic (donor’s heritage includes Japan, Panama, Puerto Rico and Portugal) daughter of two moms past the admissions board for college (if that is still what the kids are doing in 18 years).  This is where I would drop the proverbial mike and saunter off the stage.  Free rides, here we come.  Maybe.image


3 thoughts on “It’s worse than Christmas Eve

  1. Rhy

    Love this, and will be reading! But $5 (adjusted for inflation) says that by 2032, your daughter will have become a strong-willed, independent, rebellious woman (where would she have learned that from?), and will insist on pursuing performance art/world travel in lieu of college. 🙂

  2. Aunt Kippy

    This is a wonderful idea, thank you from the other coast. Love the photographs! Of course we cannot wait to be singing, “Happy birthday, dear…………….???”

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