Good idea/bad idea

Does anyone remember the show Animaniacs and the segement with that poor stick figure who got to do something that was of good sense… and then something terribly absurd of bad judgement?  Well, apparently I was watching that during my formative years, because it seems to be happening in my non-cartoon life.

GOOD IDEA: trading in a smart car and a 2-door German sports car for a pair of sensible wagon/crossovers

BAD IDEA: selling a 3-bedroom house and moving into a 2-bedroom apartment… on the 3rd floor


GOOD IDEA: cloth diaper service (though some friends give us a month on that notion)

BAD IDEA: asking for a Diaper Genie on the registry–thanks for your generous return policy, Target


GOOD IDEA: Rockabye Baby CD’s (Madonna, AC/DC and Prince tunes a la xylaphone)

BAD IDEA: Showing toddler music videos for aforementioned artists


GOOD IDEA: Upgrading from a full size bed (what some catalogs call “kids” size) to a queen

BAD IDEA: Getting new, expensive white sheets for the new bed right before Baby


GOOD IDEA: Working at the hospital where you will give birth

BAD IDEA: Wearing six-inch heels every day through week 39 (to each her own, Kate)


GOOD IDEA: Breaking the news to your boss in front of his wife, a client, client’s friend and your partner to guarantee a supportive reaction

BAD IDEA: There is no downside to that– it was a wonderful move fully inspired by House of Cards and now I have four witnesses that heard him tell me: “take all the time off that you need”


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